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Ba. Katsuo/ Vo. Ryota / Gt. Hiro (L to R)


OLTER CURRENT (オルターカレント)



2018年10月にMINAMI WHEEL2018に出演。
さらに同年11月、4th Single "FAITH" をリリースし
"Where is my ...???" Tour 2018-2019 を行った。

2019年、MINAMI WHEEL2019の出演権獲得。

2021年、New Single "Nothin' Left If I Lose" 続いて "PRAYER" 、"CELL"をリリース。

同年、3回目となるMINAMI WHEEL2022に出演した。



The band's sound is a blend of loud, emo, and odd time signatures with a symphonic, grandiose arrangement that captures the heart. A cinematic rock band from Osaka.

Ryota's overwhelming sense of music and the quality of their music is already an art form, which is beautifully reproduced by the high technical and performance skills of Hiro (guitar) and Katsuo (bass).

In October 2018, they performed at MINAMI WHEEL 2018.
In November of the same year, they released their 4th Single "FAITH" and
At the same time, the band's first ever national tour, "Where is my ...?
"Where is my ...???" Tour 2018-2019.

In 2019, the band won the right to perform at MINAMI WHEEL 2019.

In 2021, released New Single "Nothin' Left If I Lose" followed by "PRAYER" and "CELL."

That same year, they performed at MINAMI WHEEL 2022 for the third time.

From Osaka to the world, Orcalet is spreading its wings.