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Ba. Katsuo/ Vo. Ryota / Gt. Hiro (L to R)





2018年10月にMINAMI WHEEL2018に出演。
さらに同年11月、4th Single "FAITH" をリリースし
"Where is my ...???" Tour 2018-2019 を行った。

2019年もMINAMI WHEEL2019の出演権獲得。
8月には配信限定5th Single "Lost Sea" をリリースした。


同日配信限定6th Single "Nothin' Left If I Lose" をリリース。



The sound, which is a symphonic and magnificent arrangement of loud, emo, and odd time signatures, is captivating. A cinematic rock band from Osaka.
Vo.Ryota's overwhelming sense of music and its quality are no longer artistic, and Gt.Hiro and Ba.Katsuo's high technology and playing ability reproduce it to the fullest extent.

Appeared in MINAMI WHEEL 2018 in October 2018. Furthermore, in November of the same year, the 4th single "FAITH" was released. At the same time, it is the first national tour in the history of the band. "Where is my ... ???" Tour 2018-2019 was held.

Acquired the right to appear in MINAMI WHEEL 2019 in 2019 as well.

And in 2021, released a new single "Nothin' Left If I Lose".
From Osaka to the world, OLTER CURRENT flaps its wings.